Is It Okay To Play Games On Easy Setting? (Game Veteran Responds)

Learn why it’s okay to play games on easy mode and 4 reasons you would want to.


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Is It Okay To Play Games On Easy Setting? (Game Veteran Responds)
Is It Okay To Play Games On Easy Setting? (Game Veteran Responds)

Playing a game on easy mode seems like a fine choice to simply hop in and have some fun, but some feel guilty doing so when they shouldn’t.

It’s absolutely acceptable and not shameful to play games on easy or lower difficulties. If you derive the most enjoyment out of a game by playing on an easy setting, then play the game that way. After all, games are meant to be fun.

And game developers include easy modes in their games because they know people desire a less demanding mode to play.

There are many reasons why you would want to play games on easy mode, and all reasons are valid and acceptable.

Today, I’ll be covering why playing on easy is acceptable and reasons why you would want to play on easy settings.

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What Does Playing On “Easy” Mean?

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Playing on easy means playing on a game’s Easy difficulty or lower difficulty modes (such as Normal, Casual, or even Hard if there are numerous difficulty options). Selecting invincible characters, modes, or settings can also be considered playing a game on easy.

Playing on easy means playing on a game’s Easy difficulty or lower difficulty mode

Each game’s easy mode or setting may vary from the next.

Examples Of Easy Modes

The Resident Evil series (consoles, PC)

  • Often allows players to choose Easy, Medium, and Hard modes at the start of the game.
  • Gameplay is less challenging at lower difficulties.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

  • Includes an invincible character players can choose to play through the game without taking damage.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

  • Includes various steering assists that makes driving automatic and prevents race karts from falling off the track.

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection (consoles, PC)

  • Includes 20 difficulty settings for players to choose, from Normal to Torment XVI.
  • Playing on Normal Hard, or Expert would be considered “easy mode” for this game.

Playing “on easy” or “easy mode” means different things for different game, as you can see.

Regardless, utilizing ease-of-play assists and less demanding game modes is 100% acceptable.

How Many People Play Games On Easy Mode?

On average, a majority of players play games on easy mode. 83.6% of gamers prefer to play on easy mode depending on the game while 16.4% enjoy playing games on higher difficulty settings, according to an in-depth Reddit poll with hundreds of responses.

On average, a majority of players play games on easy mode

Players commonly cite many things as their primary reason for playing on easy:

  • a limited amount of time
  • challenging gameplay
  • the desire to enjoy the story
  • familiarity with a game
  • and personal preference

Most game developers understand a sizeable population play games on lower difficulty settings and have included options to accommodate them.

Take Mass Effect Legendary Edition from Electronic Arts for example. This remastered collection of three games is mainly played on lower difficulties according to the official website.

a bar graph of each mass effects difficulty settings
Source: Bioware (Electronic Arts)

77% people played Mass Effect 1 on lower difficulty modes, 75% played Mass Effect 2 on lower difficulty modes, and a whopping 86% of people played Mass Effect on the three lowest difficulty modes.

Playing on easy or lower difficulty settings is absolutely the norm with less people preferring to play on more challenging modes.

Choosing a game’s difficulty is ultimately up to you and how you define fun, whatever the reason may be.

Why You Would Want To Play Games On Easy Mode

There are 4 main reasons why you might prefer to play games on easy mode. To experience a game you might not otherwise play, to play with friends and family who aren’t as experienced as you, to enjoy a game’s story without being subjected to demanding gameplay, and if your gaming time is limited.

There are 4 main reasons why you might prefer to play games on easy mode

These and any other reasons you have to play on easy modes are valid. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

You’re not playing for anonymous johhnymemesocks59 or lauratehbestest20 in the match lobby, online discussion forum, or even your best friend and sibling that thinks playing on easy mode “is for babies”.

At the end of the day, you’re playing games for fun and for yourself.

So play for fun, on the difficulty setting of your choosing because that is what you want to do.

1) Play Games On Easy If You Want A Relaxing Experience

Play on an easy mode in order to experience a game you might not otherwise play. Some games may look fun but are too demanding or challenging on normal mode or higher. It’s perfectly fine to set a game on easy in order to simply experience the fun a game has to offer.

Play on an easy mode in order to experience a game you might not otherwise play

Take the Monster Hunter Series for example. Certain games in this series are easier than others.

The series is a historically challenging action game that relies on reflexes, understanding of boss-like monster foes, meticulous crafting and prep work, and quests that may require 40 minutes of your time.

That’s daunting! But if you enjoy how the gameplay looks, you might want to experience what Monster Hunter has to offer.

Play Beginner-Friendly Games

As someone who has played Monster Hunter since the first entry in 2004, I suggest playing the newer entries as they’re much easier for beginners and those looking to experience the series’ addictive gameplay.

Some long-term veterans of the series may tell you should play older, more demanding entries, while I’m here to say otherwise.

Monster Hunter Rise (Nintendo Switch, Steam PC) and Monster Hunter World (PlayStation, Xbox, Steam PC) provide streamlined, beginner-friendly gameplay for those looking to experience the series but without the daunting requirements previous entries demanded.

I personally know and play with friends that only started playing with newer Monster Hunter games, and we still have so much fun playing.

Experiencing a game for your own enjoyment has nothing to do with what other people think or the difficulty you choose.

Enjoying a game or series has everything to do what is right for you.

2) Play Games On Easy If You Want To Play With Less Experienced Players

Playing multiplayer games by utilizing easy settings allows advanced players to play with less skilled gamers. Doing is perfectly acceptable and preferred when gaming skill levels vary to allow everyone to enjoy a game session.

lowering the difficulty allows players of varying skill levels to play together

Less skilled players, along with players that have accessibility needs or disabilities, will have more fun and be able to learn how to play when threats and danger is a lot lower.

At the same time, skilled players can enjoy assisting and teaching others before gradually increasing difficulty settings when teammates become more comfortable with the game.

Lower the difficulty to accommodate others occurs when groups of people come together such as

  • birthday parties
  • work parties
  • holidays
  • game nights
  • playing with friends
  • playing with family
  • and so forth

Making Games More Accessible For Everyone

For example, I played New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on Nintendo Switch with kids (ages 3 to 5) at a coworker’s daughter’s birthday party.

We utilized the game’s invincible character and “bubble mechanic” (when a player loses a life, they return to screen as a bubble that must be popped to reenter play) to make sure everyone had fun.

As a veteran gamer, I personally felt accomplished assisting and teaching the children how to play the game and found enjoyment, even when playing with easy settings.

Because easy settings, modes, characters, items, and options are all there to be used.

And the best time to utilize them is to help less skilled players enjoy games just as much as you do.

3) Play Games On Easy If You Want To Enjoy The Story

A game’s story can be enjoyed at a relaxed pace when played on easy settings. Experiencing a game’s narrative is much easier to do when there are fewer struggles, threats, and challenges around every corner.

A game’s story can be enjoyed at a relaxed pace when played on easy settings

Narrative focused games such as the Assassin’s Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Witcher, and Yakuza series all have Easy modes for players to enjoy while minimizing hardships.

By utilizing easy modes and settings, players who simply want to enjoy a game’s story can do so even if they do not enjoy the gameplay or aren’t proficient at the controls.

A game’s story is easier to enjoy when one does not have to worry about getting stuck due to spikes in difficulty or dying repeatedly at a certain point in the game to the point of frustration.

Lowering The Difficulty

I recently played through Resident Evil Zero for the first time since it launched, and I did so on the Easy difficulty simply to enjoy the story.

Normal mode and higher proved too unforgiving, so I simply lowered the difficulty and played the rest of the game at a pace that fit my abilities and mindset at the time.

Try playing a game on easy settings the next time you want to enjoy its story or campaign mode but without the headache of overwhelming threats.

4) Play Games On Easy If You Have Limited Time To Play

Easy modes allow players with limited time to enjoy and complete games they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It’s much faster to beat a game on easy than hard, all things equal, due to the former’s less demanding gameplay.

Easy modes allow players with limited time to enjoy and complete games they otherwise wouldn’t be able to

Playing games on easy is perfect for those with a packed life who still enjoy gaming.

Work, school, relationships, friends, workout routines, side-hustles, and other interests or responsibilities that take up a majority of each day all make playing game on easy that much more desirable.

Easy modes tend to decrease enemy damage, lowers the difficulty of environmental challenges and puzzles, or provides assists depending on the game.

All of these combined make a game less challenging and more manageable to complete.

Therefore, time-strapped gamers that may only have an hour or three to play a week can better enjoy and get through games that provide easy modes.

Make Use Of Your Time With Lower Difficulties

My spouse and I only had time to play Diablo 3: Eternal Collection (Nintendo Switch) for a few hours each week and decided to do so at the lower end of the game’s 20 difficulty settings.

We lowered the settings whenever the game became overwhelming and increased it when we felt we wanted a but more challenge.

This helped us get through the game with our limited play schedules, focusing on easy and tweaking the difficulty when needed.

I highly suggest playing games on easy if you have limited time to play.

It’ll help you get enjoyment from your gaming sessions much more and more-than-likely increases the rate you finish games.

Playing Games On Easy Mode Is Okay

Never feel guilty playing a game on easy mode. The only right way to play a game is the way you want to play, whether it’s the easiest or hardest difficulty a game allows. Always keep in mind one thing: if an easy mode is included in a game, then the developers intended people to play on easy mode.

Never feel guilty playing a game on easy mode

We will all play on easy settings at some time in our lives and may even prefer doing so.

There are a lot of benefits of playing on easy from being more relaxing to helping players understand basic gameplay.

More so, easy settings are great if you’re prone to becoming stressed or quitting a game in anger when you play.

Games are meant to be fun, not stressful. If easy mode takes the turmoil away, play on easy.

Game Difficulty: A Veteran Gamer’s Perspective

I do understand, however, there is a perception or stigma that permeates throughout communities, forums, and friend groups that easy mode is not the correct way to play.

This train of thought is objectively false.

I’ve played games for over 25 years, and beat some of the hardest Nintendo Entertainment System titles before I was 10 that did not include difficulty settings.

And I now find myself playing games on easy or normal settings rather than hard or very hard whenever I play.

I have beat more games, been able to play with family members of varying skill levels, enjoyed parties with players of all ages, and have had tons of fun along my “easy mode” journey.

No matter the situation, playing games on easy is acceptable and don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

Because every game is different, every situation is different, and every player has different needs.

The most important thing is that you are having fun. So play how you like and enjoy your time.

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