What does “solo” mean? (Gaming Terms Defined)

What does the video game term “solo” mean and how do you use it? Find out now in this handy article!


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A clsoe up of Builder Mario in his yellow hard hat holding a question block
A clsoe up of Builder Mario in his yellow hard hat holding a question block

Today, I’ll be defining the gaming term “solo” with a definition, example, and pictures.

Solo is a pretty easy definition to understand, learn, and use since its gaming term usage is close to its actual definition.

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Solo Definition:

  • To play a game by oneself.

Example: I played all of Monster Hunter Rise solo.

How is solo used?

Solo is usually used in the context of a multiplayer game to differentiate between playing by oneself and playing with others.

  • Multiplayer games can be played with more than one person
  • If you are playing a multiplayer game by yourself, you are playing that game solo
  • Solo usually isn’t used when playing single player games

Solo can also be a term of self accomplishment.

As in playing a multiplayer game solo tends to be more difficult than playing in a group.

Therefore, beating a game solo is a self accomplishment that is rewarding.

Alternative versions of solo:

  • Solod or Solo’d

Example: I solod Pikmin 3 on the hardest difficulty and it was fun.

  • Soloing

Example: I love soloing most multiplayer games because it gives me more of a challenge.

Solo Examples In Pictures

Here are picture examples of playing multiplayer games solo.

Game #1 – Monster Hunter Rise

A hunter in the wilderness riding a dog

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Playing Monster Hunter Rise by myself instead of in a group.

  • A non-solo screenshot will have a list of players to the left of the screen.

Game #2 – Hyrule Warriors

Ganon running through a desert with blades drawn at his sides

Playing Hyrule Warriors solo instead of split-screen multiplayer.

  • A non-solo screenshot will have the screen split into two halves, one viewpoint for each player.

Game #3 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

A guy in a kart racing on a trak with a blue spike shell hovering overhead

Playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe solo instead of split-screen multiplayer or online.

  • A non-solo screenshot will have the screen split into parts, one viewpoint for each player (local play only)

All three of the above images are games that can be played either online or locally in the same room with multiple people.

These screenshots show how each game looks being played with one player (solo).

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SOURCE: Builder Mario | Official Nintendo Super Mario Maker 2 art

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