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Free Warframe Update Heart of Deimos Detailed (PC/PS4/Switch/XBOX)

Check out official details about the free to play action game Warframe’s newest FREE expansion, Heart of Deimos.


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warframe space ninja holding a sword
warframe space ninja holding a sword

Today, I’ll be going over Warframe’s newest large free update, Heart of Deimos.

Warframe: Heart of Deimos is available now on Steam PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It will be released within a week of August 25th, 2020 for Nintendo Switch. Best of all? This hefty Warframe update expansion is entirely free.

Continue reading for detailed info on this latest Warframe update.

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What is Warframe?

Warframe is a free-to-play third person action game in which players take control of suits of armor called Warframe and battle waves of enemies in a variety of different mission types, collecting parts and resources in order to make stronger gear.

Warframe is available on Steam PC, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Xbox One platforms and is free to download and play.

What is Heart of Demos?

Warframe: Heart of Deimos is Warframe’s latest free expansion that adds a new, hostile alien planet called Deimos for players to experience.

A new Warframe, new items, new weapons, a new Warframe customization feature, and more are also being added alongside the planet Deimos itself.

Heart of Deimos: Straight From The Developers

Digital Extremes (Warframe’s developer) posted a cool launch primer for Warframe’s free expansion.

Check out the details below:


Visit the grotesquely beautiful Cambion Drift in Heart of Deimos, the latest update in the ever expanding Origin System. Work with the Entrati to defend Deimos from the spreading Infestation that threatens to constrict the Heart of Deimos. Are you ready to meet the Entrati family, Tenno?

The new Heart of Deimos Quest will see you following Mother, and her loyal (if a little damaged) servants Loid and Otak, into the sinister mystery that surrounds the Infested Moon of Deimos. You must look past Deimos’ wormed exterior if you ever hope to understand its secrets, Tenno. Collect the tattered remains of Xaku and unleash its Void power to corrupt and confuse enemies. Infuse your Warframes with new Abilities by utilizing the Helminth System aboard your Orbiter.

Access Heart of Deimos by completing the Mars Junction on your path through the Star Chart!


As you explore Cambion Drift, you’ll learn more about the landscape, teeming with life that is just as quick to tear you to pieces as look at you. Observe and collect the useful flora and mining resources and come face to face with Deimos’ more sentient inhabitants: the Entrati.

The Entrati are ancient Orokin, who have been integrated into the Infestation that spreads across Deimos. Semi-conscious, a group of Entrati researchers will be your guides as you venture out into the Cambion Drift to complete Bounties, collect Resources, conserve wildlife and restore Deimos! You’ll learn much more about the Entrati when you start to dive into Heart of Deimos, Tenno!


Discover more about the broken Warframe, Xaku. Xaku was designed by the Warframe community, from concept to Ability design, and is sure to make a massive impact both in the fighting on Deimos, and the battles to come. Xaku and their Abilities revolve around their connection to the Void, passively granting a 25% chance of evading projectiles, buffing Weapons and stealing enemy firepower. Master Xaku to terrify enemies and dominate the battle!

Grab the Xaku Collection in the Market to instantly add Xaku to your Arsenal, along with their signature Warfan Weapon, Syandana, and Alt-Helmet!

The Xaku Collection features:

Created from various salvaged odds and ends, Xaku has mastered the power of the Void to terrify and bewilder their adversaries.

Xaku cuts a unique profile in this distinctive Helmet assembled from the remains of several other, less fortunate Warframes.

This techno-organic Syandana fits over the shoulder, giving your Warframe a unique, spiked silhouette.

Flick away the enemy with this heavy warfan. The Quassus scatters ethereal daggers that are even more deadly accurate when wielded by Xaku.


The Helminth is responsible for all the life-sustaining systems aboard your Orbiter, but you have not used it to its full potential. Now it hungers for more. Feed it and unlock a solar system’s worth of potential customization for your Warframes, from brand-new Abilities to swapping existing Warframe Abilities by subsuming a Warframe.

To unlock your Helminth’s full potential, gain Standing with the Entrati Syndicate to earn the Helminth Segment for your Orbiter.

Your Helminth has a near limitless appetite, and you must feed it Resources to keep it satisfied. By feeding it enough of the Resources it craves, your Helminth will distill Secretions, which you will use to Infuse your Warframe with new Abilities. Warframes can have one Infused Ability by replacing any one of their four default powers.

Lying dormant in the Helminth is the potential for eight new Abilities, but you can also Subsume a Warframe to meld it with the Helminth and unlock that Warframe’s signature power! There are 44 possible Infused Abilities to acquire by using the Helminth.

Don’t make the decision lightly, Tenno. By letting the Helminth subsume a Warframe, the Warframe will leave your Arsenal permanently but you can store that Warframe’s pre-selected Ability and transfer it to another Warframe!

Ever wanted to release a Fire Blast as Hydroid? Or thought Valkyr might benefit from Rhino’s Roar? Now the power is in your hands, Tenno.


The New Player Experience, complete with a new opening Cinematic and starting area is live! Walk the first dream-like steps of your journey as a Tenno all over again by visiting the Codex and selecting The Awakening.

Wake up, Tenno!


A new open world means new ways to travel! Take, for instance, the new Velocipod, a Volt-quick insectoid creature that will let you ride on its back as if it were a K-Drive!

Not only that, Heart of Deimos brings a long-requested change to all K-Drives: Shooting! Now you can fire your secondary Weapons aboard a K-Drive or Velocipod while moving. Race into the fight and keep the momentum going as you duck and dodge enemy fire!

Keep in mind, Tenno: Weapons will be stowed while jumping, doing tricks, grinding, or generally doing anything the Vent Kids would think is cool, chek-chek?

Customize your K-Drive even further with new Mods.


Deimos is a violent and cruel place. Even between Infested there is little peace. Infested predators and Kavat variations fight against the emerging Grey Strain. Should one of these creatures become injured, you can tranquilize and recover them. Work with the Entrati to stabilize the Infestation within and recruit new Companions to your cause!

If you’d like even more Infestation sprawling across your Orbiter, consider grabbing the Deimos Swarm Supporter Pack on August 25 to get the Domestik Carrion Drone.


Meet the Necramechs, Tenno. Ancient Orokin mechs equipped with overwhelming firepower and devastating Abilities. Through Transference, you will be able to control these Necramechs while in the Cambion Drift, and use them to turn the tide of any battle, no matter the odds.

Build your own Necramech by working with the Entrati to find, take down, and scavenge Necramechs wandering the Cambion Drift. Customize it further by equipping different Weapons such as the Cortege, a life-siphoning flamethrower that only Necramechs can wield, as well as Mods to buff your Shields, Health, Ability Strength and much more!


Exposure to the vacuum of space has irrevocably changed the makeup of the Infested. Ferocious new species, known as Grey Strain Infested are spreading across the landscape of Deimos.

Each elite Infested approaches fighting in a way unique from the others. Whether you are facing the razor-sharp limbs of the Deimos Carnis, or the Deimos Saxum’s shoulder launchers, you must always have your guard up. Defeating these Grey Strain enemies has a chance to drop new Infested Mod sets, based on the Enemies that they originate from!

For example, collect the Jugulus Mod Set and equip all three to unlock its set bonus: a Heavy Slam attack that spawns tendrils to impale enemies from below. The number of tendrils depends on the Mod’s level as well as your Combo Meter!


Upgrade your Arsenal with new Weapons and Customizations, Tenno! When Heart of Deimos launches, find deadly pestilent Infested weapons in the Market. Or fight back against the Infested with ancient Orokin weaponry!


Infect your foes with this spore-scattering pistol. Headshots burrow in and explode. If it’s a kill shot, additional spore clouds are released that seek out nearby enemies.


Leave your mark with these infected claws with increased heavy attack range. Heavy attack at max combo to keep the extended range and slam radius for three minutes.


This devastating gun uses siphon technology to sap your target of their very essence.


A siphoning weapon of the Orokin Era, this pistol’s chambers are ready to be filled with your opponents’ vital essence.


An ancient weapon designed by the Entrati for use by their Necramechs. Primary fire siphons life essence from the target to fuel a devastating alt fire; a heavy flamethrower with surprising range. Alt fire launches three projectiles in a fan pattern that explode, leaving a damaging area of effect for a short duration.


Designed by Liger-Inuzuka, designer of the Excalibur Zato and Khora Urushu Collections, Hydroid is getting a new sea-faring look!

The undisputed captain of the Origin System’s high seas has a new regalia, complete with Warframe Skin, Weapon Skin, Syandana, and Sentinel Skin.

The Hydroid Rakkam Collection features:

Flowing finery that allows ease of movement in the heat of battle. Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm Kraken also receives a new look while this Skin is equipped.

Get decked out in this coat inspired by the surf and sand.

Crash through your opponents like a tidal wave with this speargun skin.

Your sentinel embodies the jellyfish and its deadly sting with the Scyph Sentinel Bundle. Includes Skin, Mask, Wings, and Tail cosmetics.


Remember the gorgeous Tenno-designed Prex Cards we showed off at TennoCon? Well now’s your chance to add them to your inventory! After Heart of Deimos launches, watch your favorite Warframe streamers directory wide to receive Prex Card Twitch Drops. You’ll have a chance to receive a random card every 20 minutes.

Make sure your Warframe and Twitch accounts are properly linked to receive your Drops!

Warframe Update Source

Read the Heart of Deimos introduction feature on the official Warframe website at this link which includes videos, promotional art, and more.

[Warframe Site]

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SOURCE: Digital Extremes

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