Everything You Need To Know About Fall Guys Explained!

Learn all about the popular online multiplayer game-show video game for PC and consoles.


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Everything You Need To Know About Fall Guys Explained! webp 1
Everything You Need To Know About Fall Guys Explained! webp 1

Today, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about the popular multiplayer game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

What is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout–commonly refereed to just as Fall Guys for short, is a popular online multiplayer battle royale game (think Fortnite) in which 60 players compete in obstacles to be the last one standing.

I’ll be going over what system Fall Guy is on, how much Fall Guy costs, what the objective of the game is, and so much more.

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What Was Fall Guys Release Date?

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Fall Guys released on August 4th, 2020.

What Is The Main Goal In Fall Guys?

The objective of Fall Guys is to compete against 59 other players in wacky obstacle courses inspired by obstacle course themed television shows (such as Japanese game shows of the past, American Gladiators, and American Ninja Warrior).

Players must outperform opponents by successfully completing single and team-based challenges to ultimately be the last player standing.

What System is Fall Guys For?

Fall Guys is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Steam via Windows 10 PC.

Is Fall Guys on Xbox Or Is Fall Guys Coming To Xbox?

Fall Guys launched for Xbox platforms on June 20, 2022. The game is digital only with a file size of 5.54 GB and can be downloaded for free. Fall Guys also supports Xbox 4K Ultra HD, Xbox Smart Delivery, Xbox Achievements, and Cloud Saves.

Is Fall Guys On Nintendo Switch Or Is Fall Guys coming To Nintendo Switch?

Fall Guys launched for Nintendo Switch on June 21, 2022. The game is digital only with a file size of 2.6 GB and can be downloaded for free. Fall Guys also supports Nintendo Switch TV, handheld, and tabletop modes.

How Much Does Fall Guys Cost?

Fall Guys launched at a suggested retail price of $19.99.

As of August 2020, Humble Bundle subscribers can get up to 20% additional off the cost of the game if purchased through the Humble Bundle store.

[Humble Bundle]

Is Fall Guys Free On PC (Computer)?

Fall Guys is available on the Steam PC store for Windows 10 PCs is a paid game. Fall Guys is not free on PC.

Can My Computer Run Fall Guys (What Is Fall Guys’ PC Requirements)?

Want to know if your PC is capable of running Fall Guys and what you need to play the games?

I wrote a detailed guide here helping answer that very questions.

Does Fall Guys support “Cross Platform” gameplay with other consoles?

Fall Guys supports cross-platform play with other consoles, allowing gamers to play the game together no matter what console is owned. For example, Nintendo Switch owners can play with Xbox owners, or PlayStation Owners to play with Personal Computer players and everything in between.

Is Fall Guys an Online Game?

Fall Guys is an online-only game.

Fall Guys must be played online and requires a stable internet connection to play.

Can You Play Fall Guys Offline?

You cannot play Fall Guys offline.

Fall Guys does not support or offer offline modes due to the battle royale nature of the game.

Can You Play Fall Guys With Friends?

Invite friends on the main menu

You can play Fall Guys with friends.

You can invite up to 3 other friends to play the game with you via online connection only.

Does Fall Guys support local multiplayer? 

Fall Guys does not support local multiplayer in the same room.

Does Fall Guys Support split-screen multiplayer?

Fall Guys does not support split-screen multiplayer.

Fall Guys does not support local multiplayer on the same system.

Does Fall Guys have a single player mode?

Fall Guys does not have a single player mode and must be played against others.

Does Fall Guys have a leaderboard?

Fall Guys does not have a leaderboard.

Does Fall Guys have a course creator?

Fall Guys includes a course creator, with the new mode launching on May 10, 2023. Players can build custom stages called “rounds” that include start and end points. Everything else, from obstacle placement and beyond, is up to the player’s imagination.

Is there extra content for Fall Guys?

Downloadable Content (DLC) is available for Fall Guys.

Currently, optional cosmetic character costumes can be purchased separately and in no way affect gameplay.

Does Fall Guys have a Battle Pass?

A seasonal Battle Pass exists in Fall Guys.

Players earn rewards along the Battle Pass during a season as a player level up by completing and winning obstacle courses and games.

Fall Guys’ Battle Pass last for weeks (at least 45 days+).

Is Fall Guys’ Battle Pass free?

Fall Guys’ Battle Pass is free.

Does Fall Guys have a spectate mode?

Fall Guys does have a spectate mode.

Once you are eliminated, you will have the option to jump into another game or to spectate another player and continue watching until there is a victor or until you decide to stop watching.

Watching is as fun as playing in my experience.

Does Fall Guy have in-game currency?

Fall Guys has in-game currency known as “kudos”.

Kudos can be earned by completing obstacle courses and winning games.

Kudos can also be optionally purchased with real world money.

Does Fall Guys have a Shop?

Fall Guys has an in-game shop in which players can spend their Kudos, the in-game currency.

Cosmetics, skins, color palettes, and more can all be purchased the Fall Guys Shop.

Can you change your Fall Guys skin, costume, or cosmetics?

You can change how your Fall Guy looks by using the Customizer feature.

Alter your costume, emotes, color palette, and more.

Do I have to spend any money in Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is a paid game and must be purchased. Everything else is optional and does not affect gameplay.

Optional content that can be purchased with money include in-game currency and skins.

Is there any cursing in Fall Guys?

There is no cursing in Fall Guys.

Online behavior and chat functions done outside of the game notwithstanding.

Is there any blood in Fall Guys?

There is no blood in Fall Guys.

Is there nudity in Fall Guys?

There is no nudity in Fall Guys

Is there any violence in Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is nearly free of violence.

There is cartoon physical interactions considered “rough play” between cartoon characters such as hopping on each other’s heads or falling off of platforms.

Any violence in the game can be considered mild cartoon violence as described by the ratings board.

What is Fall Guys rated?

Fall Guys is rated E for Everyone.

Fall Guys includes “mild comic violence”.

[ESRB Rating]

Fall Guys Controls

Fall Guys has very simplistic controls that are easy for most people to pick up and play:

  • one button to jump
  • one button to dive
  • the left analog stick to move
  • and the right analog stick to control the camera

How To Play Fall Guys

I captured the following screenshots of Fall Guy’s “How To Play” opening section.

Fall Guys How To Play 1 webp
Image: Mediatonic

Playing Fall Guys is very simple.

Fall Guys How To Play 2 webp
Image: Mediatonic

Press “Play” on the title screen to start a game. Win and celebrate. Otherwise, hop back in once eliminated or spectate others to victory!

Fall Guys How To Play 3 webp
Image: Mediatonic

Earn in-game currency Kudos and buy outfits and more from the shop.

Fall Guys How To Play 4 webp
Image: Mediatonic

Jump, dive, grab, and move with easy to understand controls.

Fall Guys How To Play 5 webp
Image: Mediatonic

Play Fall Guys until your heart is content and enjoy the crazy obstacle course fun!

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