Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors

Screen protectors help keep the Nintendo Switch’s screen free from scratches, so picking the best one is invaluable. I’ve tested plenty and found the best one of the bunch.

In total, the best Nintendo Switch screen protectors are amFilm’s tempered glass screen protectors. They’re sturdier than plastic versions and come in a two-pack within a sturdy box. These glass screen protectors can even protect the Nintendo Switch’s screen from damage if dropped.

I’ll explain more about amFilm’s tempered glass screen protector, my experience with it, and why you should use it on your Nintendo Switch in this handy guide.

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My Recommended Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

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I recommend amFilm’s tempered glass screen protectors for Nintendo Switch.

Why I Picked amFilm’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector

amFilm’s tempered glass screen protector guards the Nintendo Switch’s screen from scratches and scuffs really well. It’s protected my Nintendo Switch’s screen to perfection for 5 solid years, from launch day to far into 2021.

That is until I dropped my Nintendo Switch, causing a severe crack to appear across the tempered glass amFilm screen protector. But the screen protector did its job awesomely.

My Nintendo Switch screen was not damage in the slightest and remained in perfect condition thanks to the protection supplied by this one simple accessory.

Even better, amFilm’s tempered glass screen protector came in a two pack, and I quickly replaced the first one with the second.

I highly recommend this screen protector from firsthand experience.

Furthermore, I’ve applied this brand’s screen protectors on multiple friend’s Nintendo Switch’s along with my spouse’s, and I’ll personally use amFilm’s Nintendo Switch screen protectors again if the need ever arrives. I suggest you do, too!

Check out amFilm’s tempered glass screen protector for the standard Nintendo Switch by visiting our friends at Amazon here.

For Nintendo Switch Lite owners, check out amFilm’s tempered glass screen protector for the Nintendo Switch Lite by visiting our friends at Amazon here.

What Is A Screen Protector?

A screen protector is a piece of plastic or glass that is applied to a device’s screen in order to protect it from scuffs, scratches, dirt, and debris. Quality screen protectors will last a long time and protect a mobile device screen from most harm that comes its way.

Screen protectors are available for Nintendo Switch, OLED, and Lite as the hybrid handheld-console has a screen of its own. Both tempered glass and plastic screen protectors can be purchased depending on your preference. 

Is A Screen Protector Worth Buying For Nintendo Switch?

Screen protectors are absolutely worth buying for Nintendo Switch in order to protect it from scratches, dirt, and from fingerprints through interaction with the device’s touchscreen. As a general rule, apply a screen protector to your Nintendo Switch as the first thing you do.

A screen protector is an essential Nintendo Switch purchase due to the system having a plastic screen which tends to get scratched and scuffed quite easily. A quality screen protector will protect the Nintendo Switch’s screen from every-day usage. 

How Much Does A Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Cost?

Nintendo Switch screen protectors are relatively inexpensive, between $5 and $10. They do not cost a lot and the benefits of purchasing and applying one to your Nintendo Switch console is immense. Make sure to buy a screen protector alongside your Nintendo Switch and apply it before playing.

What Is The Toughest Screen Protector, And Which Is Better: Glass Or Plastic?

The toughest screen protector is a tempered glass screen protector. This screen protector is thicker than plastic and will actually prevent your mobile device screen from cracks when dropped. Plastic screen protectors guard against light scuffs and scratches but fail at preventing cracked screens.

What Are The Advantages Of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors?

There are 2 main advantages of tempered glass screen protectors: they’re clear and provide stellar protection.

These protectors are made of glass and can easily be cleaned with a cloth and cleanser. They’re also thick which ensures the protector will take the brunt of any damage to the screen.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors?

Glass screen protectors disadvantages include being easily cracked and difficult to remove. Being made of glass makes these screen protectors vulnerable to nicks, drops, or taps against other hard objects. Once cracked, removing the glass shards from a screen can result in small cuts if not careful.

What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Screen Protectors?

Plastic screen protectors have the advantage of having anti-glare options and are easier to remove than glass.

Anti-glare matte plastic screen protectors remove reflections from mobile screens, providing better viewing angles. And removing plastic protectors will not lead to cuts or splinters.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Plastic Screen Protectors?

Plastic screen protectors have more disadvantages than advantages. They only protect against small scuffs and will not guard a screen from a fall, anti-glare matte options make the screen blurry, and air bubbles can be easily trapped between the screen and the plastic protector when applying.

What Screen Protector Should You Buy: Glass Or Plastic?

As a whole, tempered glass screen protectors are better than plastic screen protectors at protecting a mobile device’s screen from scratches. Get a glass screen protector if protection is your priority; buy a anti-glare plastic screen protector if you want to limit reflection.

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