5 Reasons Why You Must Play Ape Out for Nintendo Switch/Xbox/PC

Ape Out is a must-play game with a unique audio, visual style that must be seen to be believed.


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ape out title screen
ape out title screen

Ape Out is an engaging adventure about controlling an imprisoned ape on his brutal journey to break free. And today, I will be going over 5 reasons why you must play this top-rated Nintendo Switch, Xbox PC, and Steam game.

Ape Out has a unique visual and audio style that blends immersion and function while supplying accessible (yet satisfying) controls that compliment the increasingly challenging gameplay. All packed in a nice 2-hour adventure that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what makes Ape Out a must-play adventure.

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What is Ape Out?

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Ape Out is an action game with a top-down camera that allows you to see much of the game world.

The goal is to navigate an imprisoned ape through maze-like stages while fighting enemies, avoiding gunfire, evading explosions, while trying to make it to the end of the level in one piece.

Most threats kill in one hit, and then it’s back to the start to try to redo the level better than before.

Thankfully, Ape Out has 5 really strong points that make it worth replaying over and over again.

5 Reasons Why Ape Out Is An Awesome Game Worthy Of Your Time

Ape Out Title Screen 720p
Ape Out Main Menu

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider Ape Out as your next game to play.

1) Presentation

Ape Out looks like a stylistic acrylic painted comic book come to life.

The unique visuals make the game stand-out among the rest. It looks like its own game, with no on-screen elements to be seen.

User interface and graphical interface are sparse which makes the brutal fights much more intense and distraction-free.

The audio should also not be overlooked as the background music is never overwhelming and the sound effects supplement actions performed.

Throw an enemy into the wall? You might just hear the loud crash of cymbals.

I highly suggest playing this game with headphones to grasp how the soundtrack truly amplifies the gameplay.

2) Accessible Controls

This game can be played in its entirety with just two buttons and a control stick which makes this ape adventure an accessible game for sure.

Casual to vertern players will find Ape Out easy to start, creating confidence to keep playing.

Players use a single shoulder button to smack enemies and a second shoulder button to hold onto enemies or to grab objects.

When used correctly, stages will be easy to traverse but tough to master.

Additionally, controlling the ape with a single analog stick feels great. The stick is responsive and doesn’t require any special movement of the thumb to use.

3) Satisfying 

This game is very satisfying to play because all actions just feel great to perform.

Moving the ape with the control stick and watching it move with its arms and body feels like actually moving an ape.

Even more, hitting enemies into walls or throwing them out of windows has a nice tactile feel.

The rumble feature in the controller also accentuates these actions into feeling “just right”. 

Actions are not delayed, there is no input lag, and each button press results with immediate feedback.

There is satisfaction to be had with every moment in this adventure.

4) Challenging Gameplay

Ape Out purposely provides a minimalist presentation and accessible controls because the game is challenging.

And it doesn’t want players to be distracted by anything but survival.

The early stages start with just a few enemies, but that changes as level progression kicks in.

Where there were once only a handful of enemies to smack around then becomes a half dozen and more.

You thought the gun toting baddies were tough? Wait until you meet the flamethrowers or the grenade launchers.

Being an ape never felt so challenging, but overcoming each stage and each enemy encounter is where the fun lies in this short romp.

5) Short and Sweet With Replay Value

Ape Out is a 2 hour or so game with four worlds and about 10 stages in each world.

Upon clearing the first world, a harder difficulty is unlocked for those looking for an even greater challenge.

The game never overstays its welcome and provides the player with just the right amount of action to be satisfied.

It supplies a short adventure that can be beaten after a long day or over the weekend and extra playthrough difficulties for a second run through.

You will not find padding or filler content here.

All you will find is one crazy game that is truly fun and completely bananas (pun intended).

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Ape Out is a must-play game for Nintendo Switch, PC, and more because it nails presentation, controls, game accessibility, and length very well. And it is a certified Bucket List Game I suggest you play until your heart’s content.

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