5 Best Minit Tips For Beginners To Advanced Players (Minit PS4, Xbox, PC, Mobile, Switch)

Stumped playing Minit? Enjoy the 5 best Minit tips to help you beat this 2D action, puzzle game.

Mint screenshot of main crhacter striking a crab with his sword
Minit tips for beginners and advanced players

Minit is a unique experience about exploring a black-and-white world in 60 second increments. It’s challenging for sure! And that’s why I’m sharing my 5 best Minit tips to help you on your minute adventures.

The best Minit tips every player should know is to explore the areas around you, analyze structures that may be of importance, focus on one task at a time, utilize everything you have at your disposal, and think of how to complete each task to the best of your ability.

Let’s jump into my very best Minit tips. But first, what is Minit?

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What is Minit?

Minit title screen of the word Minit in white font against a black background
Minit Title Screen

Minit is a 2D exploration and puzzle game with black-and-white visuals.

The story revolves around a cute little duck-like creature that finds a magical sword that sets a 60 second time limit.

The little creature dies and restarts his day back at home every 60 seconds. Therefore, exploration is limited by time restraints.

The player’s goal is to explore the world, solve puzzles, and ultimately figure out how to stop the 60 second death timer once and for all.

But doing so is hard work which is where my 5 best Minit tips will help you through your adventure.

*Minit is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4, Steam, Mobile, and more*

1) Explore

Minit screenshot of the main character outside a camper in the desert
Exploring the world in Minit

The best way to utilize your minute in Minit is to explore.

Explore the surrounding screens and areas without the goal of finding anything or moving on to the next part of the adventure.

See where you can go given your current inventory by simply walking from one screen to the next until you reach a dead end. Rinse and repeat.

This will give you a better understanding of the world’s layout, allowing you to move from one place to another faster and with greater efficiency, while also helping you familiarize yourself with important landmarks.

2) Analyze

Minit screenshot of main character looking at a graveyard
Analyzing the cemetery in Minit

The best way to learn what to do next in Minit is by analyzing your surroundings.

Scan each screen for interactive items once you sufficiently explored each screen accessible to you.

That is to say, transfer your focus from where you can go to what can you interact with.

  • See a bush that has a path behind it? Perhaps you will need something to cut it down
  • Find a door that is locked? Maybe you will find a key
  • And come across a dimly lit dungeon? Keep an eye out for an item that will light the way

Look at every item on the screen closely and either write down or keep a mental list of everything you might be able to interact with.

I personally suggest keeping a physical list next to you of important things you have come across.

You will access numerous areas and find many points of interest as you progress which could make remembering everything overwhelming.

Do your best, keep an eye out for anything that seems peculiar, and just focus on one task at a time.

3) Focus

Minit screenshot of main character in mines standing next to a bomb
Focusing on the bomb in Minit

Focusing on one task at a time will help you make progress.

When I tried solving multiple puzzles at once, I usually failed all of them. Or I became confused as what I was supposed to be doing on one puzzle or the other and/or forgot exactly where I was going.

Focus on one obstacle or conundrum before moving on to the next.

Don’t try to solve the locked door puzzle while also trying to find all eight tentacles the octopus wants you to find.

And don’t try to light your way through that dimly lit dungeon while also exploring the world for hidden coins or collectibles.

After all, you only have a single minute to spend before you die and have to restart back at your starting point.

Focusing on one thing at a time will help you utilize your 60 seconds and accomplish each task faster.

Splitting up those seconds will only make the journey more exasperating, take longer, and more confusing than it needs to be.

Utilize your 60 seconds the best you can by staying singularly focused.

4) Utilize

Minit screenshot of the main character obtaining the sword item
Obtaining the sword in Minit

Progressing through the world requires you to utilize not only your precious 60 seconds but everything in your possession.

You will gain many items through your adventure that will help you explore:

  • an item to cut bushes blocking your path
  • shoes to make you run faster
  • additional health that allows you to endure more damage
  • and much more

Pause the game and go over your inventory one-by-one whenever you feel stuck.

Every path, obstacle, and interactive object in this game can be dealt with by using an item or by using your brain.

Think and utilize your inventory to progress to the next part of the world.

5) Think

Minit screenshot of main character standing in front of a broken bridge that can't be crossed
Thinking how to cross the bridge in Minit

Lastly, thinking what to do is the biggest thing you can do to make it to the end of Minit.

This world is meticulously crafted and was created to spur you to explore, analyze your surroundings, focus on objects that standout, while utilizing your wits and inventory.

You cannot get stuck even if you think you have.

For instance, I thought I got stuck towards the end of the game. I didn’t know how to get to my destination as my inventory had been temporarily altered for the worse.

I traveled across every screen accessible and almost gave up when I remembered my very own five tips I’m giving to you right now:

  • I explored the screens I had access to
  • I analyzed where I could and good not go
  • I focused on a singular path
  • I utilized a traversal item I had accessed earlier in the game
  • And then I thought of how I could reach the place I needed to be

And I found my way back by using these best Minit tips instead of a wiki, video, or walkthrough guide.

You can, too, if you take a moment to pause and really think of your next best course of action.

You can do it. Be the Minit master I know you can become!

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Now you know my 5 best Minit tips for your next Minit playthrough.

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