Pokémon Unite – Trainer Level Rewards Complete List (Free Items)

View a complete list of every Trainer level reward in this Pokémon Unite game guide.
September 16, 2023
An orange trainer card with a trainer picture and the words level 6 on it (Pokémon Unite screenshot)
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Today, I’ll be detailing the complete list of free Trainer rewards for Pokémon Unite players.

Reaching Trainer level 40 in Pokémon Unite provides free goodies such as playable Pokémon, thousands of in-game currency, Battle Items, the Ranked battle mode, and more.

Continue reading for a full list of Trainer level rewards along with tips on how to obtain Trainer levels fast.

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What is a Trainer level?

Your Trainer level is an easy way to see your account progression.

A higher Trainer level may correlate to more time spent playing a game and can also be a sort of bragging rights amongst Pokémon Unite players.

How To Obtain Trainer Levels

Trainer levels are obtained by earning Battle Points as you play.

Earn a certain amount of Battle Points to raise your level.

Additionally, free rewards are gifted whenever a trainer obtains a new Trainer level, encouraging players to keep playing

Why increase your Trainer level?

A trainer card on the screen with a message "trainer level up" along with a reward (pokemon unite screenshot)
Image: The Pokémon Company

Increasing your trainer level rewards you with certain things.

These free rewards range from in-game currency to exclusive items and more.

Trainer level rewards include

  • exclusive Held Items
  • Item Enhancers
  • Aeos tickets
  • Aeos coins
  • Pokémon Unite licenses
  • and more

Only one free reward is obtained upon reaching a new Trainer level.

NOTE: You must claim your Trainer reward once you reach a new Trainer level.

Navigate to the Trainer reward icon next to your Trainer bar at the Main Menu.

Press R (if playing the Nintendo Switch version) to claim any unclaimed Trainer rewards.

How To increase Trainer Levels Fast In Pokémon Unite

A blue pokemon fox with his hands together, with an energy ball in his hands (pokemon unite screenshot)
Image: The Pokémon Company

Want to know how to earn Battle Points fast, raise your Trainer level, and obtain the rewards detailed in this guide fast and efficiently?

No problem!

I have you covered with this detailed, step-by-step picture guide on how to double your Battle Points and earn Trainer levels the fast way.

It’s a proven method that works that I use every time I play.

Now you know the secret, too, Trainer!

Trainer Level Rewards Complete List

A trainer standing next to a trainer level reward timeline (pokemon unite screenshot)
Image: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Unite provides players with a host of rewards just for playing the game. Best of all? These rewards are free!

Earn Battle Points by simply playing, gain trainer levels, and reap the benefits. It’s that easy.

But what kind of rewards can you get and at what levels must you be to obtain them, you might be wondering.

This guide includes a complete list of Pokémon Unite Trainer rewards at each trainer level to help you.

Check out the table below!

2Slowbro Unite License
3Aeos coins (950)
4Potion (Battle Item)
5Venusaur Unite License
6Ranked Unite Battle unlock
7X Attack (Battle Item)
8X Speed (Battle Item)
9Item Enhancer (50)
10Fluffy Tail (Battle Item)
11Eject Button (Battle Item)
12Item Enhancer (50)
13Slow Smoke (Battle Item)
14Full Heal (Battle Item)
15Item Enhancer (50)
16Goal-Getter (battle Item)
17Aeos tickets (300)
18Item Enhancer (80)
19Item Enhancer (80)
20Aeos tickets (300)
21Item Enhancer (80)
22Item Enhancer (80)
23Aeos tickets (300)
24Item Enhancer (80)
25Aeos coins (950)
26Aeos tickets (300)
27Item Enhancer (80)
28Aeos coins (950)
29Aeos tickets (300)
30Item Enhancer (100)
31Aeos coins (950)
32Aeos tickets (300)
33Item Enhancer (100)
34Aeos coins (950)
35Aeos tickets (300)
36Item Enhancer (100)
37Aeos coins (950)
38Aeos tickets (300)
39Item Enhancer (100)
40Item Enhancer (100)

How Many Battle Points Are Required To Reach Trainer Level 40 In Pokémon Unite?

You’ll need over 100,000 Battle Points to reach Trainer level 40.

  • 138,400 Battle Points Are required to reach level 40.

That’s a lot of Battle Points which means that’s a lot of battles that must be played to earn those points.

Battle Points Earned Per Battle

  • Quick Battle Win (75)
  • Quick Battle Loss (50)
  • Standard Battle Win (75)
  • Standard Battle Loss (50)
  • Ranked Battle Win (150)
  • Ranked Battle Loss (100)

Again, check out this handy guide I cooked up, detailing how to double your Battle Points and level up fast.

Following this technique will help you reach Trainer level 40 fast and efficiently.

How Long Will It Take To Reach Pokémon Unite Trainer Level 40

I’ve reached Trainer level 20 in Pokémon Unite in under 40 hours of play time across 180 Unite Battles with a 56% win percentage.

I expect to reach Trainer level 40 after about 80 hours of playtime or sooner.

Your time may vary but use my statistics as a baseline example of how long reaching Trainer level 40 will take.

How Many Aeos Coins Can You Obtain By Increasing Your Trainer Level?

You can earn thousands of Aeos coins by reaching Trainer level 40 in Pokémon Unite.

  • 5,700 Aeos coins can be obtained by maxing out your Trainer level

Use these Aeos coins to purchase new playable Pokémon and Held Items.

How Many Aeos Tickets Can You Obtain By Increasing Your Trainer Level?

You can earn thousands of Aeos tickets by reaching Trainer level 40 in Pokémon Unite.

  • 2,400 Aeos tickets can be obtained by maxing out your Trainer level

Use these Aeos tickets to purchase additional Item Enhancers from the Aeos Emporium Shop.

How Many Item Enhancers Can You Obtain By Increasing Your Trainer Level?

You can earn over one thousand of Item Enhancers by reaching Trainer level 40 in Pokémon Unite.

  • 1,280 Item Enhancers can be obtained by maxing out your Trainer level

Use these Item Enhancers to upgrade Held Items to make them stronger to help you have a competitive advantage in battle.

What Battle Items Can You Earn By Increasing Your Trainer Level

You can earn 8 Battle Items by increasing your Trainer level to level 16.

Use these to help win Unite Battles.

  1. Potion (level 4)
  2. X Attack (level 7)
  3. X Speed (level 8)
  4. Fluffy Tail (level 10)
  5. Eject Button (level 11)
  6. Slow Smoke (level 13)
  7. Full Heal (level 14)
  8. Goal-Getter (level 16)

What Pokémon Can You Earn By Increasing Your Trainer Level?

You can earn two Pokémon by increasing your Pokémon Unite Trainer level.

  • Slowbro (level 2)
  • Venusaur (level 5)

Use these two Pokémon in your upcoming Unite Battles.

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