Is Disney+ On Nintendo Switch (OLED) Or Switch Lite? (Find Out Now)

Find out if the House of Mouse and Marvel’s popular streaming app available on Nintendo Switch family of consoles.


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Disney + logo against blue background (Is disney+ on nintendo switch)
Disney + logo against blue background (Is disney+ on nintendo switch)

My family and I have been a huge fan of watching Disney, Marvel, and Pixar movies on Disney+ since the video streaming app launched, and we enjoy watching it on any device we can. Gaming devices included. But, specifically, is Disney+ on the Nintendo Switch gaming console?

The Disney+ streaming service is not on Nintendo Switch as of 2021 and there is no way to add Disney+ to Nintendo Switch now or in the foreseeable future. Neither Nintendo nor Disney has commented on whether the popular streaming app will come to Nintendo’s hybrid gaming console.

Disney+ may not be on Nintendo Switch, but many other video game systems and devices can download the application.

Read on for more details of where you can watch Disney+, what streaming movie apps are on Nintendo Switch, and more!

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Is Disney+ Coming To Nintendo Switch?

As of now, Disney+ is not coming to Nintendo Switch, but that was not always the case. Disney shared a list of compatible devices for its then upcoming streaming app in 2019 and the Nintendo Switch was one of the devices listed.

At Disney Investor’s Day 2019 meeting, the company hosted a live-stream and shared with the public which devices the company planned to have the Disney+ application available.

As of now, Disney+ is not coming to Nintendo Switch

Disney showed an image that showcased all devices the company desired to launch the Disney+ application. The image included the Nintendo Switch, which means Disney intended for Disney+ to be available for Nintendo Switch owners to download.

Sadly, Disney hasn’t given a reason as to why Disney+ isn’t on Nintendo Switch, but it seemed as though the “House of Mouse” had wanted it on Nintendo’s console at one point in time.

Should You Expect Disney+ To Come To The Nintendo Switch?

I suggest having low expectations of Disney+ coming to the Nintendo Switch. There has been no official mention of the streaming application coming to Nintendo’s popular hybrid console since 2019 and that doesn’t seem like it will change anytime soon.

I suggest having low expectations of Disney+ coming to the Nintendo Switch

Why Disney+ isn’t on Nintendo Switch is a mystery.

There is always a chance the popular app will appear on Nintendo’s console, and only time will tell, but it’s better to keep expectations low than to get one’s hopes up.

What Movie And Streaming Apps Are On Nintendo Switch?

A few popular streaming and video services are on Nintendo Switch including Hulu, YouTube, Funimation, and PokémonTV. All applications are free to download, but Hulu and Funimation both require paid memberships to access content.

Check out the chart below for the updated list of all streaming services available to Nintendo Switch owners, file size and release dates included.

Nintendo Switch Video Streaming Apps

Pokémon TV1088/26/2021

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A table of all streaming services currently on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Just because Disney+ isn’t available on Nintendo Switch, doesn’t mean other popular video streaming services aren’t.

Visit Hulu, YouTube, and Funimation’s official Nintendo product pages for more details.

What Nintendo Consoles Have Disney+?

If you are a Nintendo fan and only have a Nintendo device and still want to watch Disney+, there is no current solution.

Both Nintendo Switch predecessors (Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U) do not have Disney+ applications.

What Devices Have Disney+?

In total, Disney+ is compatible with hundreds of devices. You can watch Disney+ on video game consoles like Xbox Series S, X, and One as well as PlayStation 4 and 5. Disney+ can also be used on Apple iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV as well as an array of Windows PCs, Android devices, and Chromebooks.

In total, Disney+ is compatible with hundreds of devices

Make sure you update your device, operating system, and other software to the newest version to ensure maximum compatibility with Disney+.

Keep in mind, some devices may not be compatible, but hundreds of them are.

Disney+ Compatible Devices

  • Amazon Fire TV sticks and devices
  • Amazon Fire tablets
  • Amazon Smart TVs
  • Android tablets
  • Android TV devices
  • Android phones
  • Apple TV
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPhone
  • Chromebooks
  • Chromecast
  • Google phones
  • Linux (Ubuntu and supported distributions)
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • OnePlus phones
  • PlayStation 4 & 5
  • Roku
  • Samsung Phones
  • Smart TVs (Insignia, LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Toshiba, etc.)
  • Sony TVs
  • Web Browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc)
  • Windows PCs
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S & X

And like most streaming services, Disney+ allows you to start watching on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

I’ll start the latest Marvel or Star Wars show on my large screen television and then continue watching the series on my Samsung Android phone or Asus Chromebook.

Watching the latest Disney+ show or movie has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Disney+ may not be available on the Nintendo Switch, but the streaming app is available on so many more, you’ll likely have a device in your home that can download and play it.

And don’t forget, Disney+ can also be watched directly through any supported web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

Simply visit, create an account, subscribe, and start streaming.

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Now you know whether Disney+ is on Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.

Disney+ is not yet on the Nintendo Switch and there are no signs (official or otherwise) that Micky Mouse and Marvel’s popular streaming application will be coming to Nintendo’s record-breaking hybrid handheld, home console any time soon.

However, a few other streaming applications are available on the Nintendo Switch including Hulu, YouTube, and Funimation for video streamers to choose from.

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