16 Fun Nintendo Switch Games You Need To Play

Enjoy 16 Nintendo Switch hidden gems you might not know about that deserve your attention.

Animus screenshot of a knight with a sword and armor facing a giant knight in armor
Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems

Hundreds of games release on the Nintendo Switch digital store every month. Don’t fret. Today, I will be going over 16 awesome games for Nintendo Switch you may have missed.

The list of fun Nintendo Switch games you should be playing include the addictive rhythm game Voez, the wildly popular Fortnite, the dining dash game My Breakfast Bar, NES and SNES retro games, and many more that may end up being your new favorites.

Today, I am going to tell you a little bit about each one of these fun Nintendo Switch games you should play and might have missed.

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16 Fun Nintendo Switch Games You Need To Play

  1. My Breakfast Bar
  2. Rogue Legacy
  3. Voez
  4. Fortnite
  5. Sparkle Unleashed
  6. Jumping Joe & Friends
  7. Mario & Rabbids
  8. Paladins
  9. Shadow of the Ninja
  10. Tetris 99
  11. Pop’n Twin Bee
  12. Pix the Cat
  13. Pinball FX 3
  14. Animus
  15. Akane
  16. One Strike

Let’s head into the list!

1) My Breakfast Bar

Breakfast Bar screenshot; cartoon people waiting in a sushi bar for their food
My Breakfast Bar (Breakfast Tycoon) for Nintendo Switch
What is My Breakfast Bar?

A colorful mobile inspired game that riffs on the “dining dash” gameplay about serving customers breakfast food.

Each stage gets harder and more hectic as serving customers becomes a fun, anxious experience.

The game is easy to control and focuses around point, click, repeat gameplay.

Single player | 144 MB | Hours of fun

2) Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy screenshot; a kinght jumping over a large golem's attack
Rogue Legacy for Nintendo Switch | Image: Cellar Door Games
What is Rogue Legacy?

A cool yet hard as heck 2D action, adventure game revolving around a knight who attempts to conquer a monster-ridden castle.

With each death, however, the knight passes along some of its genes and abilities to the next character you play as.

Constant defeat, trial, and error are mainstays of Rogue Legacy but so is the satisfying fulfillment of reaching new rooms, defeating new bosses, and overcoming the game’s difficulty.

Single player | 249 MB | 16-36+ hours playtime

3) Voez

Voez screenshot of the colorful music track
Voez for Nintendo Switch
What is Voez?

A modern rhythm experience that relies less on specific button presses and more on reflexes.

Most notes are not mapped to a specific button which allows more intricate series of notes to be thrown at you which equates to challenging but enjoyable experience.

Fans of classic rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band will find much to do in Voez.

There are hundreds of songs to choose from and multiple difficulties per song, providing great replay value.

Single player | 1.2 GB | 14 hours playtime

4) Fortnite

Fortnite cinematic of a soldier and humanoid banana man smiling at each other in front of a refrigerator
Fortnite for Nintendo Switch
What is Fortnite?

By this point, everyone should have Fortinite.

It is a FREE online multiplayer experience about building, fighting, and winning either solo or in teams.

The game’s Pixar-esque art style invites players of all skill levels while gameplay includes depth if one is searching for it.

Rotational and new game modes, new cosmetic outfits, a strong online presence, and a continuing story has kept this game fresh for years and for years to come.

Online multiplayer | 11.8 GB | 10-100+ hours playtime

5) Sparkle Unleashed

Sparkle Unleashed screenshot; ball at bottom of screen shooting fireworks at balls on the puzzle track above
Sparkle Unleashed for Nintendo Switch | Image: 10tons
What is Sparkle Unleashed?

Sparkle Unleashed is a stellar snaking-puzzle game in which colorful orbs slither about the screen.

Your job is to shoot colorful orbs at matching colored orbs to eliminate them before they reach the end of the road.

Thee story mode steadily increase in difficulty which is great for beginners to advanced players

The game is best played in short bursts due to its stage-by-stage structure, but it can also be binged for hours on end.

Single player | 117 MB | 11-33+ hours playtime

6) Jumping Joe & Friends

Jumping Joe screenshot of titled stage with platforms, platforms with spikes, and a cartoon pig resting on one platform
Jumping Joe for Nintendo Switch
What is Jumping Joe?

Jumping Joe is a high-score arcade genre game about jumping from one platform to another in order to climb the highest you have ever climbed before.

Achieving your best score is the name of the game with play sessions lasting a few seconds to approximately 5 or 10 minutes max (depending on how good you are, of course).

The game includes multiple modes, characters to be unlocked, and is best suited while one has a few minutes to spare.

Single player | 212 MB | 1-5+ hours playtime

7) Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Princess Peach and a Rabbids princess Peach staring at each other
Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch
What is Mario & Rabbids?

Mario & Rabbids is a combination of Nintendo’s Mario franchise with the humor of Ubisoft’s Rabbids characters set in a beautiful and richly detailed Mario world (Ubisoft is most known for its Just Dance, Assassin’s Creed, and Rayman series among many others).

Gameplay focuses on turn-based, strategic battles utilizing gun-blasters and hiding behind cover for tactical advantage.

Light exploration and item collection is done in between battles along with story elements and inventory management.

Plus, there is new content featuring Donkey Kong to purchase for even more fun.

Single and multiplayer | 2.9 GB | 21-44+ hours playtime

8) Paladins

Paladins screenshot firs person view from a tentacle handed pirate that just finished getting a Quadra Kill
Paladins for Nintendo Switch
What is Paladins?

Paladins is an addictive online only, team-based first person shooter that can be played for hundreds of hours.

And it can be downloaded and played for free. Yes, free!

There are dozens of characters to choose from (each with his or her own unique skills and attacks) which make each match feel new and exciting.

New battle maps and characters are added regularly to spice things up and to keep the game fun and fresh.

Online multiplayer | 10 GB | 10-100+ hours playtime

9) Shadow of the Ninja (NES Online App)

Shadow of the Ninja screenshot; a ninja striking a soldier with his sword in a factory setting with pixel graphics
Shadow of the Ninja for Nintendo Switch | Image: Natsume
What is Shadow of the Ninja?

Shadow of the Ninja is a stellar action game released in 1990, originally for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It feels and plays like the offspring of Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man games of that era, combing the best action and adventure gameplay from both series.

Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers have access to this game for the whopping price of free.

This game feels, sounds, and looks good and is fun to play for those looking for a retro experience.

Up to 2 players | NES App required | 1-2 hours of playtime

10) Tetris 99

Tetris 99 screenshot of the Tetris well waiting for online players to join
Tetris 99 for Nintendo Switch
What is Tetris 99?

Tetris 99 is an online, multiplayer Tetris experience about fighting 98 other players in a match of falling blocks.

It is Tetris (a puzzle game) meets Fortnite (an online battle game) in a nutshell.

Build and clear lines while you target other players with garbage blocks in order to stay alive to the very end.

The game is free for Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers but can also be purchased separately.

Additionally, an offline mode is available for purchase for those looking to play modern Tetris but offline.

Single, online, and multiplayer | 913 MB | 10-30+ hours of playtime

11) Pop’n TwinBee (SNES Online App)

Cute colorful roads, smiling clouds from a top-down view (a TwinBee screenshot)
Super TwinBee for Nintendo Switch
What is Pop’n TwinBee?

Pop’n TwinBee is a vibrant (yet challenging) arcade shooter game about flying a machine through the skies and blasting enemies in all directions.

Although originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1993, Pop’n TwinBee still plays perfectly decades later with its responsive controls and skill-based gameplay.

Boss fights, however, can be quite challenging. Luckily, the Nintendo Switch version comes with a rewind feature due to it being part of the SNES Online App.

Speaking of which, this game is available via the SNES Online App and is free to play for Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers.

Up to 2 players| SNES App required | 1-2 hours of playtime

12) Pix the Cat

Pic the Cat screenshot; a curved box game grid in which a small cat resides with eggs following it
Pix the Cat for Nintendo Switch
What is Pix the Cat?

Pix the Cat is equivalent to playing a modern day version of Pac-Man on caffeine dipped in neon lights.

This challenging, high score game features a cat that funnels through tunnels to collect eggs in order to achieve a high score within a set time limit.

It has that “just one more game” feel to it, includes various different modes, and is great for short to medium play sessions.

Up to 4 players | 737 MB | 3-6 hours of playtime

13) Pinball FX 3

Pinball FX3 screenshot; a pinball table with a paranormal theme
Pinball FX3 for Nintendo Switch
What is Pinball FX 3?

Pinball FX 3 is arguably the best digital pinball experience on the Nintendo Switch.

The game includes an ever growing list of tables to purchase that include tables based on the Walking Dead, Universal Studios movies such as Back to Future, original tables, and many more.

It also includes great pinball physics, immersive sounds and visuals, and the ability to post on online leaderboards to challenge the rest of the world.

Up to 4 players | 371 MB| 1-20+ hours of playtime

14) Animus

Animus screenshot of a knight with a sword and armor facing a giant knight in armor
Animus for Nintendo Switch
What is Animus?

Animus is a methodical action game set in small arenas with a fantasy theme.

You control a nameless knight who has to battle demons and monsters in a strategic manner that focuses on timing and the use of a depleting stamina bar.

New weapons, items, and stages are unlocked as progress is made.

This action game is really fun to play for ten or twenty minutes at a time, trying to gain gear, unlock stages, or reach a new boss fight.

Single player | 2.7 GB | 4-5 hours of playtime

15) Akane

Akane screenshot of Akane art on the left side of the screen, Akane character in the middle, and enemies with swords surrounding her
Akane for Nintendo Switch
What is Akane?

Akane is an action game that utilizes both analog sticks to shoot bullets and wield a sword.

The goal is to survive as long as you can as swarms of enemies surround you. Shoot and slice opponents while learning their behavior.

Surviving and upgrading abilities is where the fun comes from as play sessions last mere seconds to minutes.

Replaying the game is key as is patience and reflexes.

Single player | 326 MB | 4-9 hours of playtime

16) One Strike

One Strike screenshot; two samurais doing battle in a snowfield with pixel visuals
One Strike for Nintendo Switch
What is One Strike?

Set in a world of samurai and presented with pixel visuals, One Strike’s goal is to fight opponents one-on-one.

Matches are decided in a single blow (unlike traditional fighting games that include life bars for players) which gives the battles in this game a sense of urgency and excitement not seen elsewhere.

Up to 2 players | 314 MB | 1-2 hours of playtime

What is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch dock on its side against a blue background
Closeup of the Nintendo Switch television Dock

Nintendo Switch is the game developer Nintendo’s popular handheld, home console hybrid device that allows owners to play games on their TV or in handheld mode using the Nintendo Switch itself.

Thousands of games can be found on the Nintendo Switch digital store and more games are added all the time.

The overwhelming selection of Nintendo Switch games available is why I am here with 16 fun games I have enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch and you might enjoy, too.

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